What Are Some Of The Best Bangladeshi Startups

What Are Some Of The Best Bangladeshi Startups

Bangladesh is a country located in South Asia. It has the world’s fifth-largest population with over 160 million people. Above all, it has a fast, growing economy in today’s world. This country has a new and emerging market with 147 million subscribers around South Asia. This makes it an attractive opportunity for digital investors. The following are some of the best Bangladeshi startups that we recommend:

5 Best Bangladeshi Online Startups

In the last few years, many promising startups like digital marketing agencies and online services have already come to this field with their ideas. And they get a tremendous result. Bangladesh has already reached a height of $100 million in the area of digital startups. It is a sure prediction that Bangladesh has a bright future in this field. Let’s have a look at the five best online startups in Bangladesh.

1) Pathao

Pathao is the most promising tech startup in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2015, people have considered it the best ride-sharing, food, and parcel delivery platform. It is well known for its contribution in providing logistic support to any e-commerce startup. It has recently launched its ride-sharing service in Nepal.

Pathao app is so user-friendly that anyone can easily use it. It comes with the solution to reach any destination on time despite having traffic jams on the road. 

The app is the perfect way to keep your loved ones updated on everything that’s going in. You can tell them all about how many hours you’ve driven, where traffic has been rough or easygoing, and when there were any accidents so they know whether it would be safe for their vehicle!

Pathao has the fastest delivery system inside Dhaka city. You can deliver your commercial product or any belongings safely on time through Pathao.

Pathao has collaborated with a large number of restaurants inside Dhaka city. You can use this app to order your favorite food.

Pathao has earned over $100 million during these years. Last year, it received an investment of $10 million from an Indonesian tech startup, GO-JEK, to start a service like them.

2) HandyMama

HandyMama is a successful startup that provides home services like cleaning, plumbing, electrical, home appliance, painting, pest control, pack & shift, and more. Having an investment from Fenox Venture Capital, it had started its journey back in 2015.

Now it is a large family of more than 1000 verified expert handymen and over 30 service vendors. Like it pays offline, it will do all your work and make your life comfortable.  

3) KhaasFood

The common problem of our subcontinent is, we choose food on taste rather than the health benefits. Even Bangladesh lacks far behind while other country moves forward with organic food in their daily meal.  

KhaasFood has come up with the idea to provide door-to-door service of organic food online. It was established in 2015 with the motto to provide organic food to the people of Bangladesh.

As an e-commerce startup, Khass Food took orders through its Facebook page with some popular organic products. But now they have their websites, distributors channels, above five warehouses, and six physical shops with a wide range of products.

They have an excellent customer review. They are planning to expand their business in every corner of Bangladesh.

4) Sheba.XYZ

Sheba.XYZ is the Most Promising one among the online startup in Bangladesh. They provide almost every kind of service imaginable, from beauty treatments to electrical wiring rerouting. So no one else bothers you for cooking on Thanksgiving Day. 

You can install their app and select the service you want to avail yourself of. They will provide the best service at your doorsteps.

Sheba.XYZ was among the five startups that graduated from the GP Accelerator program. Currently, it has earned $10 million. It gets the initial investment from Grameenphone, Grus, SD ASIA, Razor Capital, etc.  

5) CMED Health

CMED Health limited is a Health-tech startup that provides preventive healthcare. This is the place where every patient gets preventive healthcare along with living and working facilities. They have intelligent health monitoring devices; technological support, and they are passionate about serving people. People of all classes can afford their budget-friendly regular health monitoring service.

They have the vision to create such a world where everyone has access to have preventive health care. People who keep in touch with CMED Health Limited can reduce their health risks and got an opportunity to live a healthy and productive life due to their constant care. Gradually CMED becomes able to minimize people suffering and the overall mortality rate from non-communicable diseases.

It has won the Seed Star Global Innovation prize in Switzerland. Seed star has invested $50k in CMED. One of the GP Accelerator graduates from the second batch is the entrepreneur of CMED.  


If you have an out-of-the-box idea for a startup, but you don’t know how to start it, there are a lot of places where you can learn about the right strategic plan to set up your dream project. Those mentioned above best Bangladeshi startups have come up with innovative ideas and rock on. If you have a view like them, please give it a try. You never know what life has a plan for you.

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