Best Digital Wallets of Bangladesh: Popular Apps

Best Digital Wallets of Bangladesh: Popular Apps

Being an inhabitant of the digital era, we get the opportunity to experience many bewilderments that seemed impossible just a few years back. One of these bewilderments is the revelation of the Best Digital Wallets of Bangladesh.

A few years back, I am sure. Nobody could imagine maintaining their livelihood without these paper banknotes. But now, this has become very much possible. Even it is the more innovative way of transaction.

With the exposure of the internet and smartphone, the door of many incredible realities has been opened. So many things become a part of real life, which were beyond our thinking in the past. Digital wallets have become such an incredible reality in our life. Cashless transaction through the digital wallet is way more secured and safer than regular transactions.

Mobile Banking facilities of various banks are now a part of the mobile financial services in Bangladesh. It became a blessing for online business entrepreneurs who prefers to have an online payment platform for commercial transactions.

Four Best Digital Wallets of Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, at the dawn of the 21st-century, Brac Bank has introduced the concept of mobile Banking as bKash. The main aim of mobile Banking is to bring banking facilities to the marginal people of the country.

Mass people of Bangladesh have welcomed the concept warm-heartedly. More features like make payment, mobile talk time recharge, fund transfer, and bill payment are an addition to make it user-friendly. Seeing the emerged popularity of bKash other mobile wallets were launched at the online payment platform.

Here, you can get all information about the top four digital wallets widely used for cashless transactions.

1) Upay

Upay is an initiative of United Commercial Bank Limited (UCB), Bangladesh. The account holder of UCB can use Upay as a digital Wallet. It is the safest means of digital transaction. For secured cashless transaction, technologies like Blockchain and QR code has been used in Upay.  

All types of digital transactions can be done through Upay. You just need to download the app from the google play store or the app store.

Without carrying any cash or card, you can use Upay as a mobile wallet. If you are a Grameen phone user, you can recharge your internet balance without having a cyber connection on your phone.

2) Rocket

Rocket is a digital wallet service of Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd (DBBL). You can get a rocket account with any mobile operator number at any rocket agent or any DBBL branch,

Rocket can be used to serve multiple types of digital payments like sending money, making payments, mobile recharge, paying bills, and so on.

You can withdraw your rocket money using DBBL ATM booths. You can transfer money to another rocket account or DBBL account in a second.

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3) Nagad

Nagad is the initiative of Bangladesh Post Office, the best alternatively used digital wallet of bKash. It is the digital version of the Postal Cash Card and Electronic Money Transfer System of Bangladesh Post Office.

Nagad is the most diversified and safe Mobile Financial Services ever. You can operate all online transactions like cash-in, cash-out, send money, mobile recharge, bill payment, etc. through Nagad. Moreover, you can earn interest on Nagad Savings.

Nagad has the lowest cash-out charge in the country. You can send money or pay utility bills for free. Nagad often launches attractive offers for its user like discounts, instant cashback offers, double profit on balanced accounts.

Like bKash, Nagad has covered a vast number of physical and online outlets under its payment coverage. You can also pay your covid 19 test fee through Nagad.

Nagad has started its journey just three years back. There are a lot of things that need to be updated. At the time of opening a Nagad account, the customers often face technical issues. It is also can’t be used without having an internet connection. During server down of the internet, it becomes useless. You cannot use it if you don’t have data on your phone.

Although, Nagad gets most popular within a short period. Many people prefer Nagad instead of bKash.

4) bKash

bKash is the pioneer digital wallet in Bangladesh. Brac Bank has launched bKash to bring the marginal people under banking service. It is the most popular and most used mobile banking app in Bangladesh. It has become the generic name of mobile banking.

A user-friendly app, country-wide spreading network, and enriching with a maximum number of banking facilities has gained that much popularity.

To use bKash, download their app on your phone and open an account by yourself for free. A bKash agent can also help you to open a bKash account.

bKash is a perfect example of operating cashless transactions. You can use the app to send money, make payments, mobile top-up recharge, utility bill payments, etc. There are hundreds of showrooms across the country where you can get discounts by paying through bKash. bKash has taken the digital payment ecosystem to another level and given it a new dimension.

The main problem of bKash is without having uninterrupted internet service. The app can’t be used. Moreover, most of the time, due to server down, the user find it difficult to use the app during necessary. It charges the highest cash rate and sends more money than all other digital mobile wallets in the country.


Cashless transaction is a blessing for both human and the environment. It reduces the amount of use of paper and keeps one safe from many contagious diseases. Bangladeshi people warmly welcome the above-mentioned Digital Wallets of Bangladesh services due to being more accessible and safer than cash transactions.  

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