Best GPS Tracking Services In Bangladesh

As a car owner, you’ve probably thought about the security of your vehicle. Is it safe? Does your driver take people for a ride, or does your own employee use the car for their own personal activity? With the Best GPS Tracking Services In Bangladesh, you don’t have to be worried about that anymore.

If you own a company in Bangladesh and have a fleet of vehicles, finding the best GPS tracking solution can be an overwhelming task. There are hundreds of GPS tracking services in the market, offering different prices at different prices.

It isn’t easy to decide which service will meet your needs and provide value for money with many options. To help you make an informed decision, we have researched Bangladesh’s most popular GPS tracking providers.

1) Easytrax

Easytrax is the best GPS tracking service in Bangladesh. It has a solid customer base, provides real-time services, and has a great network of distributors. Easytrax’s features include vehicle history, driving score, blacklist alerts, and theft alerts. It serves over 150 companies and helps to recover stolen cars. The longest-standing customer is Rangs Industries, which uses Easytrax’s call centre software.

Easytrax is a leading GPS tracking software company that has tracked over 130 stolen vehicles and helps more than 20,000 companies across the country. With over 15 distribution partners, they offer incredible convenience to save time and money. Being one of the most well-known names in the industry, Easytrax has earned a reputation for customer satisfaction with real-time GPS tracking and driver management services.

2) Radiant GPS

With 14 years in the GPS tracking business, Radiant GPS has equipped customers with top-of-the-line vehicle trackers and tools to manage their assets. Expertise is integral — especially if you want the best technology for your cars, trucks, and fleets. They provide top-of-the-line trackers and software, allowing businesses to maintain an eye on their vehicles.

Radiant GPS was built with a mission in mind: make location tracking easy and accessible to all. Through cutting-edge technology, they help their clients find efficient ways to track assets, vehicles, and more. Their revolutionary GPS tracking system can be deployed in various ways — from following a stolen car to logging business trip time and expenses.


Dupno does all the work for you. Looking for a GPS tracking solution? Dupno has everything you need, from Android apps to in-car GPS trackers — and even an M2M SIM card to help you get started. Dupno has a simple solution that offers the features and performance you need, whether you’re looking to track your employees or monitor your fleet vehicles.

Dupno is the only company that lets you watch your car in real-time and see what it’s doing. You get a live video feed and two-way voice communication. So you’ll never have to worry if someone’s messing with your car or if it’s going too fast. It’s all live, in real time — so you always know that your vehicle is safe and in your control.

Customers can choose from a dozen different tiers of service and find the one that best suits their unique needs at various price points. Their basic plan includes an affordable price and live video streaming. But you can upgrade to receive more excellent storage space and advanced safety features.

4) Finder

Trust Finder GPS tracking to keep your fleet on the road. With a local presence in Dhaka and Chittagong, over 3,000 customers, and a proven track record, Finder GPS tracking is the obvious choice for transportation and logistics companies.

You wouldn’t expect to find a solid GPS tracking device and app at such an affordable price. But that’s exactly what Finder offers, as well as features that you’d expect from premium brands: alerts when your car is being tampered with, real-time location tracking and recording, speed monitoring, and automatic shutdown of devices to protect your vehicle.

5) Safety GPS Tracker Service

GPS tracking is a fast and efficient vehicle tracking service offered by Safety GPS Tracker. This service provides real-time vehicle tracking for cars, trucks, and more. Safety GPS Tracker is a global company with clients in more than 100 countries. They have over 5,500 vehicles on their tracker network and are proliferating.

The Closing Thoughts

GPS tracking providers are standard, but few are trustworthy. Research each brand’s reputation thoroughly, and find the right plan based on your car and budget needs. With a bit of research, you can find a high-quality plan that’s affordable for you and your vehicle. If you’re in the market for GPS tracking devices, ensure that you are getting a trusted brand that offers excellent service — and is backed by solid reviews from happy customers.

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