Best Mobile Banking Apps BD: Popular Suggestions

Best Mobile Banking Apps BD: Popular Suggestions

We are living in the era of digitization. We get everything on our palm just in one click due to the internet. For instance, shopping, food, medical consultancy, and banking are accessible through mobile banking apps BD.

Having these mobile Banking apps, we don’t need to go Bank physically for any banking activity. Even you can open a bank account through these apps.

Seeing the popularity of digital wallets like bKash and Nagad, almost every Bank has launched their digital banking app to make it convenient for their account holders.

6 Best Mobile Banking Apps in Bangladesh

A Mobile Banking app is another form of Internet Banking app. You can make deposits, withdrawals, transfer your money according to your convenience using these apps.  These apps are safe to use. They have a Transaction Security Check option as well. There are Detailed Account Statements in apps for you. This will give you a clear idea about your transactions with the Bank.

Here you find the list of the six best mobile Banking apps in Bangladesh. These six apps are popular, secure, and easy to use.  

1) Astha

Astha is the initiative of Brac Bank mobile bankingThey operate their Digital Banking activities through this digital service. If you have an android or iOS mobile device, you can download the app from the play store or app store. The app is ready to use just after the installation. However, this application requires you to have an associated Brac bank account.

You can use the app for several services like top-up, bill pay, merchant pay, send money, bank transfer, remittance, Bank inquiry, and mini statement of your transaction.

2) Bank Asia Smart App

This smart app is mainly designed for operating Bank Asia’s money transfer system. If you are a client of Bank Asia, thye will allow you to use the app without any charge. So, you can easily transfer balance from your bank to another in an instant.

About its useability, it’s no hard to use. You can find the app on your Google play store or iOS app store. Then ask for the registration information from the bank authorities. They will email you a registration detail that you must follow to initiate using the app facilities.

3) City Touch Digital Banking App

City Bank launched this digital banking app for operating cashless transactions for its account holders. If you want to use City Touch digital banking app, you must have an account in City Bank.

Download the app from the google play store and install it for use. You can select either Bangla or English language for the app. To the reviewers, City touch digital banking is the best uses banking app in the country.

Through this app, you can make transactions with other bank accounts as well. It allows Internet Banking, fund transfer, and mobile recharge. You can also collect a City debit card or credit card and make VAT, Visa Instant, Beneficiary Management Payment to the outlets.

You will also receive a very confidential facility Transaction Security Check. You have the option of transferring your money to another 18 bank account or credit card. The app will show you the location of the nearest City Bank and ATM.

4) EBL Sky Banking App

EBL Sky Banking App is the digital Internet Banking Apps of Eastern Bank Limited.  With a smartphone, you are ready to use the app. You must have an EBL Bank account to use the app.

On people’s choice, it is the second-best banking app in Bangladesh. You can use the app with the card or without having the card. After completing the registration, the features on the app screen are shown.

The menu option includes, Banking, QR Payment, Fund Transfer, Bill Pay, Priority, Benefits, ZIP Partners, Local EBL, Message Center, Contact EBL, Help, Augmented Reality, Products, Exit.

You can transfer your money from the app to debit cards, another bank account, or your bKash account through the app. You can make EBL credit card bill payments, mobile talk time recharge, utility bill payments, etc.

You can use your fingerprint to log in to the app. It ensures a Transaction Security Check of your account. You can also see the location of the nearest EBL Bank and ATM booth through this app.  

5) MTB Smart Banking

MTB smart banking is the product of the internet banking service of Mutual Trust Bank. After a successful login, you find the options like Fund Transfer (MTB), Other Bank Transfer (NPSB), Other Bank transfer (BEFTN), bKash Transfer.

The app is straightforward to use. Placing requests for the chequebook is the most exciting part of this apps. You can see the Detailed Account Statements in the app. You can use the app for bill payments, make payments to other monetary transactions.  

6) SC Mobile Bangladesh

Standard Charted Bank has developed its digital mobile banking apps to serve its account holders with the most accessible features. You can download the app on your smartphone. After the registrations process, you will see the features like Accounts, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Mortgages, Insurances, Investments. 

The biometric login facility has made this app the most secure one. The speciality of this app is you can track your transaction condition with it. The Banking offer and promotional ad directly go in-app inbox.  You can transfer money to your bKash account with the app as well.

7) IBBL iSmart

Islamic Bank launched its digital transactions activities through IBBL iSmart. If you are an Islamic Bank account holder, you can use the app on your smartphone. It is a user-friendly straightforward app with all essential features.

You can send money, transfer balance, recharge talk time, make transactions through this app. It allows you to withdraw cash from your Islami Bank account. You will also have Detailed Account Statements and Pin changing options on the app.


Using Mobile Banking Apps has availed the most secure transaction system in the country. In fact, it is the ultimate demand of the following digital world. We want everything into the 10″ screen of our smartphone to make our life easier. In that way, these Banking Apps are beneficial to their users.

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