Best Money Making Android Apps In Bangladesh

Best Money Making Android Apps In Bangladesh

Making money online might appear like a scam to you. But the reality is somewhat different now. We know those bunch of online advertisements talking about making someone rich within seconds are pure scams. But the topic we are about to reveal here is the absolute best money making android apps in Bangladesh. 

If you own an android device, the door to online earning has already opened for you. You can really make real cash online by using some authentic applications. As there are a lot of fake applications for such tasks, you must verify the apps.

To make life simpler, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Money Making Apps in Bangladesh that can assist you in earning real money online.

1) Kormo Jobs

You can connect with potential employers out in the job market without even running from one company to another. Kormo Jobs allow people to create a professional profile on their site, including his/their academic achievements, career interests, and experience details. It helps different companies to identify the perfect candidates for their company post and reach out to the job seeker. 

As a job seeker, you can also look for job vacancies on the website. And according to the companies requirement, you can apply to those vacancy posts and print out the CV you made on the website to further join the interview process face-to-face. Kormo Jobs is an excellent app for job seekers to secure a job without any additional hassle.

2) iFarmer

Bangladesh is an agricultural country, and agriculture accounts for a sizable component of the country’s GDP. Farmers in this region do not receive appropriate compensation or acknowledgement for their efforts due to a lack of technology and resources. iFarmer, a one-of-a-kind venture, is coming to change the game.

iFarmer was founded to become the most prominent financiers for farmers, retailers, and enterprises, and it aspires to improve the lives of food producers in a substantial manner. By eliminating the need for a broker between the farmer and the consumer, they can give farmers reasonable rates. They employ technology to determine the best market for fresh food, provide vital input to farmers, and identify the ideal demand for agricultural products.

3) Daraz

Daraz is Bangladesh’s most popular online shopping portal. Daraz allows you to buy practically anything. Daraz also will enable you to earn money. Daraz offers two ways to make money: selling goods and engaging their affiliate network. You may become a merchant on Daraz and market your stuff to over 7,000,000 clients in Bangladesh. Simply sign up, list your property, and begin selling right away.

4) bKash

In Bangladesh, bKash is the most popular digital wallet. bKash is known to almost everyone who browses. However, did you know that bKash allows you to earn money?

Yes, bKash has launched an affiliate program to earn 20 TK for each referral you make. The best thing is that the person who refers you will receive a bonus of 20 TK. It’s a win-win situation.

You must first download the bKash app to participate in the bKash referral program. Click the ‘bKash icon’ in the upper right-hand corner after logging into your bKash account via the app. There will be a ‘Refer a Friend’ option available.

5) cWork

cWork is a micro-job portal in Bangladesh. It is still in its early stages of development, but you could do some work in exchange for it. cWork was named one of the top five businesses in Bangladesh by the GP Accelerator program in 2018.

It’s a basic Android app that you may get from Google Play. You can get paid to write here. There is a tab on the same home page with a list of open positions to apply for. You can write articles, blogs, perform surveys, produce leads, and do several other basic micro jobs available regularly. Depending on the type of job, you can earn between Tk. 2 and Tk. 20 for each micro job.


Because it is a widely held belief among individuals nowadays that making money on the internet is really simple and that hard cash can be deposited into one’s pocket without even getting out of bed. Fraudsters and cheaters take advantage of this.

Fake online earning scams abound on the internet, and scam apps abound in the App Store and Play Store, luring consumers into thinking they can make money with no effort.

Keep an eye out for them, and don’t fall for any of them because genuine money comes from actual labour. Download these applications to earn real money with real work while using less energy!