Best Online Book Shops In Bangladesh

In an era where the Internet is used for nearly everything, it was expected that books would become available online. This change has allowed both sellers and book readers to connect through various digital platforms. If you love books, you can also buy your favorite books from the best online book shops in Bangladesh. 

At first, only the Rokomari website sold books online in Bangladesh. However, now the number of online booksellers has increased. You can now find any of your desired books online and just order them to your doorstep with one tap!

In this article, we have tried to describe the best online book shops famous across our nation. We hope it helps you make the best purchase more conveniently.

1) Rokomari

Rokomari is the first-ever online book-selling platform of Bangladesh. You can get every kind of book available here. Their vast collection of books has every genre book for everyone. There are so many books on! You can search for anything from science fiction to literature, history, or religion.

You’ll find the perfect category of reading material no matter what your taste might be. You can also get academic books available from them. One of the best features about Rokomari is being able to look into a few pages in your desired book. Rokomari has an easy-to-use return and refund policy within three days of the order date. You can even gift someone a book through their site as well.

2) BookShopBD

Do you need a new book for your next semester? BookShopBD has got them for you! With their vast and growing archive, you can get everything from Textbooks to Question Papers. Plus, they’re adding new titles every day. So there will always be something fresh on their site when you need it most. Just stop by today or visit them online.

Customers can order books from them and get them delivered for an affordable Tk 50 if they live within Dhaka. And for customers outside Dhaka, they will charge around seventy paise according to distance. They offer free two-day shipping on all orders placed with the bKash payment option only. For returns, there’s no fee whatsoever. But overall, products must be unused/unopened. So, don’t wait any longer – buy now at great prices on this fantastic website.

3) BoiBoiBoi

The website BoiBoiBOriginals has all the books you need for your English curriculum at reasonable prices. The site offers a wide range of educational resources for students. They even include books and papers that are necessary to pass exams. For those who need help in choosing books- BoiBoiboiesta has got you covered!

Foreign storybooks, special guides, and PDF novels are available. And their prices are suitable for every budget. They also ensure the most incredible level of quality. So you know your purchase will be worth it.

Their delivery service covers all of Bangladesh with free Dhaka localization. For orders above 1000 Tk, there will be no extra charge. That means that your order can even reach places outside the capital city zone, freely cushioned by their generosity. 

4) Wafilife

Wafilife is an online bookshop specializing in books about Islam and its activities. The Quran, Hadith (traditions), Islamic children’s games, and religious history. Their sacred writings provide general knowledge lectures from experts in law and philosophy. So, this website will help you start your journey into exploring our religion!

Wafilife is the ultimate resource for any person interested in Bangladesh literature. With over 100,000 books and counting, they have something that will suit anyone’s taste or need! From learning Islamic topics like Fiqh (knowing God’s law), Tawhid(unicity of God), and many others; to simply browsing through beautiful prints made by local artists at Artogenesis 2018 – there isn’t an academically minded individual out here without access to Wafilife.

5) Daraz

Daraz is a platform for finding books of all kinds. Whether you’re looking to learn more about your favorite topics or just get away from the daily grind, Daraz has got something that will suit both needs! With over 24k different titles available at any time, including international publications, this website can become an invaluable resource.

The books section on offers a simple way to order and get delivered within 3-10 days. They also have a seven days return policy if you are not satisfied for whatever reason! Their payment option is available via bKash or Mastercard and cash on delivery. 

The Closing Thoughts

The idea of internet shopping has become more and more popular in the last few years. It’s convenient, saves money, and can offer a more incredible selection than what you might find in your local store. The trend will not stop any time soon. Especially considering how many people are using it to buy books online already. Grab hold of this trend right now and start buying your favorite books today!

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