Best Online Electronics Shop In Bangladesh

If you are a busy fellow, not getting time to go on gadgets shopping, we have got you good news. Now you can purchase your necessary electronics online. Other than clothing, you will get all the electronic gadgets and accessories from some of the best online electronics shop in Bangladesh. 

We understand how popular online shopping has become for buying clothes and other handy stuff. But people don’t really trust buying electronic devices online. Most of the online electronics shops fail to satisfy their customers. However, there are some exceptional ones. And, this article will enlighten you about them!

1) Best Electronics

Best Electronics is a well-known brand of labeled electronics. With more than 100 outlets of Best electronics, this electronic shop is a famous electronics brand nationwide. They collaborate with numerous global brands, including Hitachi, Sharp, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, etc.

They have practically every household appliance and electric equipment you might want, from televisions to washing machines. It’s essentially a one-stop-shop for all types of technological devices. They have around 115 physical outlets throughout Bangladesh. And the best part is that you can buy their things online through their website.

2) TechshopBD

TechshopBD is not your typical electronic equipment selling website. Here electronic components are sold in bits and pieces. These supplies are primarily required for electronic tasks. Hence, you can pick any electronics part to make your own device. For example, if you want to build a robot, you can get all the parts available on this site. Simply select the robotic parts that meet your needs and get them at a low cost. They also provide training classes, tutorials, and purchasing recommendations according to your needs. 

3) Pickaboo

Pickaboo is a great online website to purchase electronics gadgets and accessories. For instance, you require mobile but can’t get the time to search in marketplaces. Then all you need to do is come to Pickaboo and look for different specs phone categories. 

They sell smartphones from Apple, Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, Realme, OnePlus, Nokia, Motorola, Lenovo, and Honor. They also sell computer accessories, technological gadgets, lifestyle products, and various other items.

4) Daraz

Daraz is the most well-known name in Bangladesh when shopping online. Daraz contains practically everything you need, from groceries to clothes to gadgets.

Daraz sells electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other electronic accessories. They are well-known for their deals.

Daraz is also an excellent place to acquire Chinese goods. The delivery time will be between 29 and 45 days. 

5) Shadmart

Shadmart is the site to visit if you want to find a large assortment of everything in one location. Shadmart can be the perfect choice for you if you wish to a one-stop center for all your electronic gadgets, with thousands of products from hundreds of businesses accessible for you to choose from.

Shadmart sells cellphones and accessories, laptops and desktop pcs, gaming equipment (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC games), cameras and camera kits, televisions, and other electronic items.

Shadmart ships promptly from China in 7-20 business days (or 7-12 in the case of expedited deliveries), and all of its products have been thoroughly evaluated by Chinese professionals. Home delivery is accessible in Dhaka, Chattogram, and Sylhet, with the remainder of the country, can pick up things via courier service locations.


It is, as the title indicates, an online electrical component store. It isn’t, however, a typical consumer electrical site. It’s a lot like TechshopBD. It is run by a group of young entrepreneurs and has a large inventory of electronic components. You can filter the price of any product on the site from higher to lower as a buyer.

7) Othoba

Another prominent online electronics shopping site in Bangladesh is Othoba. The PRAN-RFL organization owns it. It has practically every commodity you may need in your daily life. Electronic items have their category. It sells computer peripherals, home appliances, gadgets, kitchen appliances, and other things. It, like Daraz, offers discounts.

8) PriyoShop

PriyoShop is one of Bangladesh’s earliest online stores. They’ve been in operation since 2013. Since then, they’ve established themselves as a reliable online store. It sells various electronic things such as cell phones, cell phone accessories, PCs and laptops, computer accessories, home appliances, etc.

9) Ubuy

Ubuy is an international online electronics shopping store in Bangladesh. You can buy any electronics from laptops, mobiles, accessories, and other electronics home appliances from here. Ubuy is a well-known brand because they provide international products directly shipped to Bangladesh. So, if you are looking for something authentic that BD vendors don’t have, you can look for that on UBuy. 


In Bangladesh, the number of internet shopping sites has been steadily increasing. Though this is a positive thing, you must exercise caution when shopping online. Not every website can be trusted. The sites listed above, on the other hand, can be trusted. If you shop at any other online retailer, please let us know.

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