Best Online Fruit Shops In Bangladesh

Best Online Fruit Shops In Bangladesh

You hardly find a person who doesn’t like fruits. Fruits are not only delicious to eat but also highly nutritious. Recently people are become keen on the best online fruit shops in Bangladesh to shop fruit online. Although most people still prefer physical outlets for buying fruits. They like to check the freshness and freshness before buying it.

Most fruits have a natural amount of low fat, sodium, and calories. They are a rich source of potassium, Vitamin A and C, Folate, and dietary fiber. Fruit plays a vital role in boosting up our immunity system and enhancing our health. Even the medical doctors agree to it.

Fresh and preservative-free fruits can’t keep for a long time. Tons of fruits become ruined every day due to lacking proper storage systems. Most of the fruit shops don’t have their warehouses. But the online shop has that facility. They collect fruits direct from the garden or the cultivators. With their transport system, they supply fresh and chemical-free fruit to the customers. Thus, online fruit shops have become very reliable sources for online shoppers.

Best Online Bangladeshi Fruit Shops

Online shopping is now a very trendy, time-consuming, and convenient option for buyers. They prefer and everything to buy from online shops. Fruits have no exception. As people get farm-fresh and preservative-free seasonal fruits at online shops, they feel relaxed to shop. But on all online shops do so. Here you can get the five best online fruit Shops in Bangladesh to help you to get the best nutrition.

1. Chaldal

The largest online grocery store in Bangladesh, Chaldal sells its product via the website and mobile app. Besides daily products and groceries, they have a massive quantity of seasonal fruits full of nutrition and health benefits. You can use both online payment and Cash on Delivery services from them.

For the convenience of the customers, they maintain timely manners delivery systems. You can get attractive offers and discounts on tropical fruits. If you follow them regularly, you can avail of the best fresh fruits at the best rate for your family.

On Chaldal you can have malta, pineapple, guava, apple, banana, orange, grapes, watermelon, etc.

2. Meena Click

One of the prominent super-shops in the country, Meena Bazar, operates its online activities under Meena Click. Like the physical store, you can get all kinds of seasonal fruits on their websites. The order tracking system on their website decreased the chance of misplacing your order.

Using their app, you can also place an order. They offer attractive discounts and promo offers for their customers. So, if you want to have the fresh fruits within your budget, this is the place for you.

3. Shwapno

Shwapno is one of the popular physical super-shops in Bangladesh. They have recently started their online activities. Their services are available in Dhaka, Chattogram, Sylhet, and Khulna.

Besides the day-to-day products, Premium quality colorful and tasty fruits are also available in Shawano. They collect fruits direct from the cultivators. All kinds of local and foreign fruits, even dry fruits, are available on their website.

For convenient payment option, all kind of online payment and mobile banking is available at Shwapno.

4. Parmeeda

Working with agro-food, Parmeeda wants to establish ecological farming practices. They collect their food from trustworthy sources and ensure chemical-free fruits for their customers. They very strictly maintain the rules against the adulteration practice.

Parmeeda carries the legacy of tree plucking fruit at village home. They deliver organic fruits collecting from all over Bangladesh. They have created a chain of collecting fruits from remote areas within the shortest possible time. Having the fresh and preservative-free fruits delivered at the door, customers get the feeling of eating fruits that have just dropped from the tree.

With excellent customer service, Parmeeda delivers its product on the same day after placing an order.

5. Fresh Fruits

Both seasonal local and foreign fruits are available on the Fresh Fruits online shop. As their name suggests, they sold all kinds of premium quality, chemical-free fruits. The export quality dragon fruits, avocado, China nuts, strawberries, and other premium-quality fruits can be bought from here at a very reasonable price.

They have Free home delivery within 48 hours in Dhaka city.

Currently, Fresh Fruits operates its business activities only in Dhaka City. The colorful picture, content, and presentation of their website must attract the attention of buyers.

Besides the online fruits shops, they have their own blog, where they used to write about the nutrition facts of different fruits. Moreover, they write about delicious dessert recipes made of fruits.  

6. Khaas Food

Khaas Food has made its entry with the promise to serve its customers with organic food items. They have stored fresh and preservative-free fruits to protect the familiar people from corrupted fruit sellers. They make their clear stand against the dishonest fruit sellers and distributors who has tend to contaminate fruits with harmful and toxic chemicals.

They go for the partnership with a chain of super-shop and another online shop all over Dhaka City. Besides online marketing, they have at present a total of 7 physical outlets in Dhaka. Besides Dhaka, the people of Chattogram and Comilla have an outlet in their areas. 

They sell quality Organics Mangoes,dragon fruits, lychees, dates, dried figs, healthy nuts, and other seasonal fruits.


Fruits are the natural secret of your sound health and glowing skin. Everyone must have at least one kind of food in their everyday meal. The Best Online Fruit Shops list in Bangladesh helps you get fresh and preservative-free seasonal, local and foreign fruits. Eat fruit, get nutrition and live better.

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