Best Online Grocery Shops In Bangladesh

Who doesn’t need groceries in their homes? It’s a daily need for all of us. But with the digital days, we have become busier and have a shortage of time to do the grocery shopping on time. Therefore, it’s now time to use the best online grocery shops in Bangladesh. If you are confused about which shops have an online platform and provide home delivery, this article can help you.

If you are a daily customer of Swapno or Meena bazaar, you can get their products online now. Other than them, there are other grocery stores available online. All you need to do is find out the nearest grocery online shop, analyze the customer reviews, and finally make your purchases.

However, to help you even further, we have made a list of the best online grocery shops. They do business with well-known industries and are trustworthy enough with their provided goods. Besides, you can see their satisfied customer reviews before entrusting them.

1) Swapno

We are already aware of Swapno supermarket and how they have progressed so far in the business. With more than several outlets in Dhaka, Chittagong, and other cities, Swapno is now a well-known daily shopping market nationwide. People from all over the nation entrust themselves with their supplied goods. 

Another major factor that makes Swapno a desirable shop for everyone is their variety of available goods. You can get everything from dry foods to essential cook ingredients. You can also buy home decorating stuff from them. Besides the two major cities in Bangladesh, Swapno is now available in Sylhet. You can also order from Comilla, Narayanganj, and other cities. 

2) MeenaClick

Meena Bazaar is another grocery supermarket that has also launched its MeenaClick website. So, you can now order from them online, and their employees will serve you the goods at your doorsteps. The most exciting terms of Meena Bazaar is that they always have special discounts going on for their regular customers. And if you become a member, you will get their goods even for more deals. 

At this supermarket, you can get everything from rice, frozen foods, species, cooking elements, vegetables, etc. You can also get snacks items and other home appliances stuff from them. There are around 16 outlets of Meena bazaar in Dhaka and Chittagong. You can order from any of their outlets, and they will send you the products within an hour or so. 

3) Daily Shopping

Daily shopping is like that regular grocery store you can see in your area. They have quality goods in their stores, but they are mostly better at their grocery items. The best part of this store is they are a grocery store found in almost every area in Dhaka. Also, they have an online service available. So, it won’t take more than 20-30 minutes to deliver your ordered items. 

In their online store, you will get access to every available grocery item. All you need to do is sign up for an account, add the necessary products to the cart, and proceed on the checkout. You can also call their contact numbers and order directly over the phone. 

4) Chaldal

Chaldal is one of Bangladesh’s first online grocery stores. Forbes magazine ranked it 9th among the top 10 startups in the world in 2015.

Chaldal has attracted a lot of attention from online shoppers due to its user-friendly purchasing experience. Chaldal is now only available in Dhaka, where you can receive free delivery if your purchase is above 200 TK. Below that, you must pay a shipping fee of 40 TK.

Chaldal, like any other offline grocer, sells a wide range of products such as fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, culinary supplies, beverages, household appliances and cleaning supplies, pest control, and so on. Chaldal also sells office supplies, baby items, health products, and pet care, among other things.

Chaldal has sales promotions with discounts and free things regularly. These deals may always be found in the Exclusive Offers area. Furthermore, you will receive a 3% discount on your first purchase!

5) Jogaan

Jogaan is one of Bangladesh’s most rapidly expanding online grocery stores. They guarantee supplying a wide range of grocery items while maintaining quality, speed, and affordability. To support its elite customers, it has a significant labor and delivery network.

Jogaan presently supplies about 4000 products, including food, beverages, bread & bakery, fruits & vegetables, stationery, snacks, milk & dairy, beauty & health care, baby care, and home & cleaning items. Jogaan’s vast distribution network currently services the Dhaka City Corporation area.

The Bottom Line

With the advent of the internet accessibility, an increasing number of online grocery stores are springing up. Shopping is getting increasingly simpler for us daily as stores appear directly in front of our computer screens or even under our phone screens.

To fulfill the needs of today’s e-based clients, many physical grocery stores are developing online stores. Try any of the websites mentioned above to get a taste of e-grocery shopping right away!