Best Online Home Delivery Services in BD

Best Online Home Delivery Services in BD

Online-based businesses have grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to the rapid expansion of the internet. In our region, almost every online store offers online home delivery services in BD. It is considered the most remarkable milestone of the internet revolution.

The Online Home Delivery Services allow you to have your desired products delivered right to your door. It is the quickest, easiest, and most convenient method of shopping. The best thing about online shopping is, you can get your product ready-packaged at your location.

Best Home Delivery Services Online

There are many online businesses in our country, like Food, Medicine, groceries, and parcels. It is good news that all of them operate online home delivery in Bangladesh. Here you can have some significant sites that have home delivery services around the country.  

Food Delivery Services

Sometimes we want ready-made food to meet up our hunger cravings. Henceforth, online food delivery applications are a lifesaver for us. Here we mentioned the two most popular online Food delivery apps, who bring food to your home.

1) Hungry Naki

Hungry Naki has an online food home delivery system for the hungry people of Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet zone. It has almost 800 lists of restaurants to choose the food from. It is just the best option when you want to have your home delivered at your home.

The time to time offers discounts even free home delivery in Dhaka with buy one get one free option. That makes it very popular among youth food lovers.

2) Food Panda

Food Panda operating its Food delivery service in 10 countries around the world. It is the only International standard online food home delivery service in Bangladeshi.

Food Panda covers its home delivery service in Dhaka, Chattogram, Sylhet, Khulna, and other central zones. Currently, there is almost 1000 restaurant in their lists.

The voucher entitles you to a discount. Prepare to be wowed by the flavor of the best meal with food panda.

Medicine Delivery Services

Buying medicine all-time creates extra pressure. We often recall purchase medicine at the 11th hour. Even after a tiresome day, it isn’t very reassuring to purchase anything on your way back home. To solve all this problem, some online pharmacy has launched their operation in recent time. Here are some applications that provide fast online medicine delivery services.

1) Bangla Meds

BanglaMeds is the leading online pharmacy in Bangladesh. They operate online medicine home delivery to Dhaka City within four hours and ten cities outside Dhaka in 72 hours.

In BanglaMed, you need to upload your prescription, and they get your medicine to deliver after confirming the order. Even you can get non-medical products as well.

The best part of BanglaMED is Grameen Phone Stars get a 6% discount on the entire medical bill and a 2% discount on exclusive non-medical products. They have a 24/7 delivery service.

Grocery Delivery Service

Grocery is the most needed product in our day-to-day life. We generally don’t store such products. But this is also true, going to the market every day to buy vegetables is not possible. Online Home delivery systems have come up with the solution to these problems.  Here you get to know about some apps that deliver your grocery at your place.

1) Chaldal

Chaldal is the full fledge online grocery apps in Bangladesh. They are the leader in this field. Having a user-friendly app, any users can order their daily groceries from Chaldal. The Home delivery system of Chaldal is only available in Dhaka city. It offers free delivery over 200-taka shopping.

From grocery to skincare products, everything is available in Chaldal. It often offers attractive discounts, buys one get one free, or promo provides to draw the attention of the buyers.

Their dedicated customer care center always tries to keep you up to date about new products or offers over the phone. Chaldal accepts credit cards, bKash, or cash on delivery systems as a payment system.

2) Daily Shopping

Daily shopping starts its online business sites to give you much comfort and accessibility to necessary goods. Their tagline is “Everything is within the reach/ Hater Nagale Shohoje Sobkisu.” Like their slogan, they bring everything to your doorsteps.

It is currently launching its operation only inside Dhaka city. They have almost 50 outlets and 5000 customers to serve on. Customers can give orders through with a free home delivery service. They offer discounts, the lowest price, buy 1 get 1 one free, promo offers for its customers.

Parcel Delivery Services

Previously, we used to use various currier services to deliver parcels from one place to another. There was no guarantee to refund the product in case of damage or misplaced. But now some parcel delivery services are accountable to deliver your products intact and fast. Even they bring your product to your doorsteps. Here you can have quite a clear idea about this parcel delivery services.

1) Pathao

Like Uber, Pathao is a ride-sharing service. It has a delivery service as well called Pathao delivery. They deliver online parcels at your doorsteps.

You can deliver your individual or business parcels anywhere on Pathao. It is the fastest Parcel delivery service in Bangladesh. It is a blessing to an online businessman who needs to deliver the product to its customer urgently. Pathao delivery is available in Dhaka, Narayanganj, Gazipur, Savar, Chittagong City, Sylhet, and Rajshahi.

2) RedX

RedEx has the fastest delivery service with massive network coverage across the country. It has a warehouse of 3.5 lakh sq/f area to store bunk shipment delivery.

There are 3500 dedicated riders to deliver your products in 3 days. They have the SMS alert service to keep you up to date about your product locations. It includes parcel delivery, bunk shipment, line hall, warehouse, Delivery Truck, and logistic supports regarding delivery.  


So, from this article, you can have an overall idea about Online Home Delivery Services in Bangladesh. Just keep your eye open and choose the most convenient option to enjoy the online home delivery service in the future.

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