Six Best Paypal Alternatives In Bangladesh

Six Best Paypal Alternatives In Bangladesh

It is for sure that PayPal is the best international money transfer system in the online business world. But it is not available in our country. Hence, for international transfers, we have to search for the best PayPal alternatives in Bangladesh.  

Bangladeshi people often face severe problems when it comes to international transfers for online purchases. We can’t use PayPal due to having currency differences and different banking policies. So, it’s mandatory to have more accessible and more smooth alternatives to make international transactions.

We often need to make international payments for several purposes like Facebook advertising, Buying Domain & Hosting, paying for exam fees, Google AdWords, and buying from eBay. Among them, most of the money we spend is on Facebook advertising and Buying Domain & Hosting.

Six Best PayPal Alternatives In Bangladesh

Nowadays, online business has gained emerged popularity all over the world, especially in Bangladesh. As a result, the number of international payments also arises at the same time. To make this transaction easy and smoother, we need some best global money transfers systems.  Here I will share some best PayPal alternatives in Bangladesh to make money transactions online without a fuss.

1) Payoneer

A large number of Bangladeshi students, even professionals, frequently use Payoneer for online international payment systems.

Payoneer is the company of USA. They offer prepaid debit cards for online money transfers in more than 200 countries that accept MasterCard. Even you can withdraw cash from your Payoneer balance from your local bank or any ATM booths.

You can use a Payoneer debit card to buy online products, transfer the balance from your bank account, and get payment abroad.

2) Transfer Wise

TransferWise is the most hassle-free way to make cross-border payments. They are fast, authentic, and budget-friendly. They always provide you real exchange rate in case of exchange currency. You don’t need to change the currency to transfer money through TransferWise.

You can use their app on your smartphone. There is no hidden charge in using the app for Online money transfers through TransferWise. Currently, they have almost 10 million apps user. Their app is very user-friendly, and it is the easiest way to send money abroad.

3) Xoom

Using Xoom can literarily give you the same comfort as using PayPal. It is one of the concerns of the PayPal family. It can be used as a means of international money transfer services in 70 countries around the world.

As it is a part of PayPal, Xoom tries to put all international users under a particular segment. With an international PayPal account or with an individual Xoom account, you can use Xoom in both ways.

Xoom can be used to transfer money among different countries, make international payments, pay bills, recharge your phone balance, etc. you can use their app to keep it simple. Even you can do your local bank transfers by connecting Xoom to your bank account.

Just after you log into your Xoom account, you can start your online transactions. You can have your transactions history via text and email.

4) Skrill

Skrill is the most secured international transactions system. You can make payments across different platforms through Skrill. You can transfer your money where you want, whenever you want, by using Skrill. You can get your payment at your Skrill account in a quick and hassle-free way. You can make the amount instantly if you have an available balance on your Skrill account.

You can just open a free account to use Skrill. Even it doesn’t charge any money to transfer money to an abroad bank account or mobile recharge abroad.  

Skrill app is very user-friendly. You can transfer money to any country instantly. Millions of people use this app to make transactions around the world.

5) QuickBooks

So far, QuickBooks has been the best online accounting solution in Bangladesh. Day by day, they are getting smoother and more accessible in their work. In brief, QuickBooks is the complete accounting software on the market. With features to cover your entire business, you’ll never need another program again! You can use the QuickBooks system on your MAC/PC.

The QuickBooks suite offers a full range of tools for entrepreneurs to manage their businesses, including financial management. It helps small companies keep track of sales transactions with ease. It provides all the necessary reporting information in one place and lets you know when something might need to be fixed before it’s too late!

6) 2Checkout

2Checkout is a leading provider of integrated payment processing services. It allows businesses to accept credit card payments online from across the globe. This company started its journey in 2000 and has since helped merchants in 150 countries integrate e-commerce sales seamlessly into their marketing strategy.

2checkouts also offer fraud protection for all customers. They have the best security measures like recurring fingerprinting, tokenization (securely storing data on behalf of the customer), encryption at rest & during transmission, and dynamic verification when making transactions. That way, it dramatically reduces the risks involved when accepting international commerce.


We still say that PayPal is the best option to send money abroad. But as we are not lucky enough to use it in Bangladesh, we need to search for other options. And one of the major facilities of these alternate payment systems is they even work as referral programs. This way, your friends can get some smooth and easy way for international transactions. They are hassle-free, time-saving, and budget-friendly. You can undoubtedly rely on them.

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