Best Popular Ride Sharing Apps Of Bangladesh

Best Popular Ride Sharing Apps Of Bangladesh

The digital empire has spread all over the world. Bangladesh was not left out either. In the digital journey, the fight to ensure daily commuting is something you want to avoid. Therefore, many of the best popular ride sharing apps of Bangladesh have taken the travel facility to another level.

Excessive passenger crowding or wastage of time in bargaining for vehicle rental becomes a cause of daily discomfort. In such a situation, different Bangladeshi Ride Sharing Apps will be convenient.

Best Five Ride Sharing Apps of Bangladesh

A passenger can easily reach the destined location by calling the required vehicle from his place through the apps ride-sharing service of the smartphone. Let’s have a ride on the best ride-sharing apps of Bangladesh.

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Uber is a great way to get around town. It’s the most popular ride-sharing app in the world, with more than 5 million users! You can use it wherever you want and anytime too. Now, there’s no need for one of those ancient car services that charge an arm and leg every time they take us out. With Uber’s free app, a passenger can easily reach his destination by calling Uber car or bike from any location. The most significant advantage of Uber is that it is secure.

Uber keeps track of every information, such as where the customer is, which rider’s car you are using. Uber operates in 63 countries and more than 75 cities around the world. The first Uber activities started in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 22 November 2016. Currently, Uber’s ride-sharing services are available in Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Sylhet.

Uber offers discounts on rides at different times through ‘promo codes.’ Now Uber is also offering parcel service to passengers. Uber has created a new workplace.

2) Pathao

Pathao was first established in the capital of Bangladesh as an on-demand delivery service in 2015. Then it started the journey as a new ride-sharing app. At first, Pathao began to work with Bike services with only 100 bikes.

Now, it has more than 20 lakh registered vehicles across the country. Pathao provides ride-sharing services in major cities-Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet. No need to wait for public transports. Pathao car or bike will appear if you call from your location with the Pathao App.

The platform connects the passenger via the G.P.S. system to the nearest Pathao driver willing to take the passenger to his destination. The frequent ride-share user gets discounts. Many are working like themselves by joining ‘Pathao’ instead of sitting idle in the hope of getting a job. Also, some ride-share car owners increase income by renting their cars.

In addition to riding services, Pathao has also launched courier services, e-commerce services, and food services. Getting a Pathao Car or getting a pizza online is equally simple.

3) Shohoz

Shohoz’s creative service for saving both time and effort is top-rated among the people of Bangladesh. It was started in 2014 to provide online ticketing services in the country. Every year, especially during religious festivals, Sohoz has taken initiatives to solve the indescribable tickets for homebound passengers. They have launched a bike rides application to enhance passenger service. You can pay the fare via No god or Bkash after arriving at the destination.

Moreover, here you will get Sohoz Truck service as a home shift package. Along with bus, event, launch, movie tickets, they provide food service. Sohoz offers fantastic discounts on every ride. Shohoz is here to make life easier.

4) OBhai

The platform says you do not need to wait in the cold of winter, in the deep darkness, or the frozen rain because OBhai will get you to your destination at any time.

OBhai is unique among other service providers because of their most active C.N.G.- or three-wheeler service, which offers a car facility in OBHai along with trained drivers to provide you with these fantastic amenities at your convenience! They provide maximum insurance protection on the way. More surprisingly, Obhai is the first ride-sharing App in Bangladesh that is available on WhatsApp.

The app is trying to provide services across the country in the G.P.S. system. OBhai Ride offers various discounts on Bkash. With their two helpline numbers, it instantly solves any problem. If you need, call OBhai.

5) RideOX

RidOX is one of the largest app-based ride-sharing companies to make your journey easier and safer. It is a wholly Bangladeshi ride-sharing company registered in Bangladesh as Limited Liabilities Company (L.T.D.) and approved by B.R.T. (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority).

ideOX is the only Bangladeshi company that has started agent-based ride-sharing, which has given the people of this country an opportunity to earn 20% dividend income. Their most fabulous ride service is the ambulance service.

Here you can share RideOX cars, motorcycles, C.N.G., motorcycles, along with the ambulance rides. The service is available in many more districts, including Dhaka, Bogra, and Mymensingh. RideOX Limited is moving ahead with the initiative to work in 64 districts of Bangladesh.

Even, you too, have the offer to be an entrepreneur of this humanitarian work. RideOX has launched its service in all parts of Dhaka city. It is a 24-hour service.

Besides, RideOX offers the unique benefits of car rental for official tours, family tours, or any other trip. RideOX collects information about your travels and keeps the information completely secure. You can contact their website, call center, Facebook page.


The most complex problem of all time was traveling, now the most accessible service through the variable ride-sharing apps. The mentioned apps provide varied and good quality service among the many other ride-sharing apps. No matter what vehicle you want, now you can customize the number of your rides as you want.

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