Best Real Estate Companies In Bangladesh

Living a beautiful life in a splendor housing facility is the dream of every human being. And the best Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh help people meet their desired needs. Different real estate developers make all the big installations, commercials, complexes, and beautiful houses all over Bangladesh. Such companies buy, sell and lease all real property owned by individuals, such as land, land holdings, etc.

The constructive progress of real estate companies in Bangladesh is striking. In a fast-growing economy, the number of property investors in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Bangladesh is increasingly becoming a subject for real estate companies.

If you will spend your fortune on a catchy property for your own personal or business use, it is time to do a little investigation. Here is a list of some of Bangladesh’s best real estate companies to help you meet and monitor your needs.

1) Building Technologies and Ideas Ltd. (BTI)

Building Technology and Ideas Limited (BTI) is a flourished real estate company in Bangladesh. The company was established in 1984. It is the first real estate company in Bangladesh to be awarded the ‘ISO 9001-2015 Certification’.

BTI has completed hundreds of projects, both residential and commercial. They started their journey by setting up branches in Dhaka, Mirpur, Gulshan and then expanded branches to Chittagong and Comilla. It has completed 301 projects from 1987 to 2018.

The organization offers apartment services, such as luxury, business, classic, and regular. Every year, it provides real estate services such as commercial projects, contractors, interior design, property rentals, etc. They have several collection areas, including commercial, classic, standard, and luxury. BTI focuses on providing excellence in customer service and leading property commerce.

2) Concord Real Estate Limited

Concord Real Estate Limited is one of the strongest and mass real estate companies in Bangladesh. Concord is a trusted name for its quality, interior design, and creative structure in the construction industry.

The current chairman of Concord Group is SM Kamaluddin. It is the oldest real estate company. The company has completed 1,200 projects, such as airports and bridges. Concord has achieved the highest credit rating of AA+ in the real estate sector. Also, Concord won the Government of Bangladesh’s National Environment Medal-2020 for creating environmentally friendly construction materials.

This development real estate company has constructed the Bangladesh Shilpa Bank building, World Trade Center in Chittagong, Hazrat Sahajalal International Airport, National Memorial, Singtel Building (Singapore), etc. Also, amusement projects like the Fantasy Kingdom and historic park Fay’s Lake Complex are Concord’s construction.

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3) Navana Real Estate (NREL)

Navana Real Estate Limited is one of the leading role estate companies in Bangladesh. NREL is connected with the Navana Group. Chairman Mr. Shafiul Islam established it in 1996.

“Different, Defined and Reliable” was the motive when they started the journey. They work on both medium and high projects targeting middle-income people in Dhaka and Chittagong regions. 

NERL has worked on residential projects, commercial projects, condominium projects, and land projects. NREL’s projects are Navana Ornelas, Navana Sun Drops, Navana Silverwood, and others.

4) Bashundhara Housing

The title name Bashundhara reflects their motto and mission statement, “For the people, for the country.” Bashundhara Housing started its journey in 1987. In a short time, they have achieved success and gained a lot of people-friendly experience. They are extremely capable of continuing their triumph in commercial spaces. They have completed different big projects in other parts of the country.

Bashundhara Shopping Mall and Basundhara Residential Area are the two most familiar and popular projects ever. They have gained the people’s trust for their service and made Bashundhara the best real estate company in Bangladesh.

5) Sheltech (Pvt.) Ltd.

Sheltech (Pvt) Ltd. has been one of the highly progressive real estate companies focusing on the Dhaka region since its inception in 1988. This organization is ISO certified. There is 3000 personnel who are well-trained. Sheltech Company’s Acting Chairperson is A. Qutbuddin Ahmed, a mechanical engineer.

Sheltech Company guarantees high-quality structure and has expanded its business much further in the Real Estate industry. Including Sheltech Ion, Sheltech Astra, Sheltech Camellia, there are many more projects of the company.

6) Shanta Holding Ltd. (SHL)

Shanta Holding Limited, also mentioned as SHL, is the largest real estate company in Bangladesh. It has started the journey in 1998. Mr. Khandaker Monir Uddin is the Founder and Managing Director of SHL Company. It has started as an exporter and garment manufacturing company, but later it transformed company into a real estate market.

Shanta Group was formed in 2005 as a part of Shanta Holding Limited. There’re many subsidiary holding companies like Shanta Garments Limited, Shanta Holdings Limited, and others. They have completed different projects and also working on many ongoing projects.

7) Rangs Properties Limited

Rangs has contributed to sophisticated design and exceptional architectural signatures. It was established in 1996. Abdur Rauf Chowdhury, the founder of Bangladesh, has managed more than 5000 employees here. It’s famous for providing electronic products and its services within the Dhaka region. Their running products are Miranda, KM Square, and others. Rangs offers mobility and easy accessibility for clients.


Real estate is a breakthrough in the industry. When buying residential apartments or flats, people do not buy a place to sleep but guarantee a peaceful life. Hence, it’s worth checking to see if it’s trustworthy so that any fantastic considerable deal experience doesn’t go wrong. Gone are the days of attracting buyers by promoting flashy ads. In that, you investigate, read and reach to every company that comes to you to ensure your success and satisfaction in the vast economic expenditure. And make your every agreement transparent and reliable with this article.

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