Best Referral Programs In Bangladesh

Best Referral Programs In Bangladesh

Recently Referral programs have become a prevalent marketing strategy in the field of e-commerce business. Through these types of programs, we can earn a little by referring to others. Best referral programs in Bangladesh offer their users the best discount, cashback, rewards point, or cash amount.

It is our common nature that we refer the service we feel best to our friends or family. Some companies use this psychology as their marketing strategy to establish their brand names. People often get attracted by the commission rate and refer the company among the peer groups. Thus, mass people come to know about the brand name and be optimistic about using it. Commission types can be differed from program to program. But it has always been a sure shot for the policymakers.

Best Six Referral Programs of Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, referral programs are a different type of online marketing approach. Other than money transactions services like Paypal, or other alternatives of Paypal, now there are also other apps to offer referral programs in Bangladesh. Various affiliate networks offer commission rates, monetary awards, or discounts to be the first in the marketing race. To benefit from the promotion, the user must also refer others to the page or business.

Here you get to know about the six best referral programs in Bangladesh, which are running their online business successfully due to this strategy. 

1) Bondhu is the pioneer service-related online-based company in Bangladesh. From home cleaning to repairing electronic devices, every single service is available on their app.

Lately, they have launched the Sheba Bandhu app. It is one of the famous and reliable Money-making Android apps in the country.   

If you have the Sheba Bondhu app, you can start earning money instantly through the CPA affiliate network. From the thousands of services offered by Sheba. xyz, you just need to select the service you want to refer to your friends. In the app, just type the name of the service and your friend’s name and phone number accordingly. After your referral friends take the service from them, you get the reward instantly. You can refer as many friends as you want to earn more. The tariff started from BDT 10 to 1000, depending on the variation of the services. You can get the cash reward via a bKash account.

2) bKash Reference Program

Bangladesh’s most popular digital wallet, bKash, has created an affiliate earning opportunity for you via the bKash app. Unlike Nagad, their reference program is better in service for everyone.

bKash offers you 50TK for every referral. The good thing is your referred friend also gets 50TK. It’s a win-win deal for both of you.

If you have the bKash app on your mobile, you can start referring your friend right now. There is a “Refer your friend” bar under the menu. Just tap it to invite your friends.

3) Repto

On the Bangladeshi online education platform Repto, you find over 100+ popular online programs on different topics. As an affiliate earning, you are allowed to get free credits. Later on, you can use the credit to take paid courses from Repto.

To earn the credit, you just need to open an account on Repto. They will send you an “Invitation Link.” Tap the link to invite your friend to join Repto.

Based on your friends’ responses, you will receive 200 free credits for each positive answer. On the other hand, the latter person also gets 200 credits as well. The cash value of each credit is BDT 1.

4) Hungry Naki

Using the food ordering app, HungryNaki, you can enjoy a discount offer by clicking on an affiliate link. Under the HungryNaki network, there are over 100 top-class restaurants from significant cities. You can just enjoy the earned discount during the order from those restaurants.

On their app, you get the affiliate link. Use the link to invite your friends. When your friend installs the app using the same link, you will receive a promo code worth BDT 50 which you can use in your next order.

5) Pathao

Pathao is mainly the fastest-growing ride-sharing app in Bangladesh. But they operate other services like online food delivery, parcel delivery, and other benefits as well. At first, they serve only motorbikes, but now they have introduced a car-sharing service also. Their user-friendly app and economical fare made it the choice of everyday people.

 On the Pathao app, you also get an affiliate link. Tap on the link you can invite all your friends to Pathao App. When your referred friend starts using it via your link, you will get a promo code from Pathao. With the code, you can enjoy a 50% discount on the fare on your next trip.

6) Uber

Uber is the only multinational ride-sharing app in Bangladesh. At present, it operates its services based on Dhaka city only, but shortly, it can be found in major cities in Bangladesh.

The fare of Uber differs from car to car. Although it is a car-sharing-based app, you can share motorbikes also. As a forward-thinking business Uber often offer different type of attractive offers to its users. The referral program is one of their central marketing policy to increase their popularity.

In the Uber app, you can invite your Friends and Family members using the affiliate links. If they use your like-to-take Uber Service,you promptly get a 100 Tk discount for your next three rides. Uber has comfortable payment methods to pay the fare. You can enjoy affiliated earnings from here. If you spend via the bKash app, you can enjoy a 10% instant Cashback offer as well. So, install the Uber app, refer your friend and enjoy the referral programs.


Almost all kinds of forward-thinking businesses in the online field operate affiliate programs to make a strong position in the race. Different Commission rates, various commission types make the service the trusted one to its user.  To know about the Referral Programs in Bangladesh, you can easily refer them to your friends. Thus, on one side they can enjoy the best service, on the other hand, you will be financially benefited.

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