Best Websites For International Shopping In BD

Now you can do international shopping for your home! Sounds interesting, not? We always love to shop for our favorite products. Therefore, we look for stores to provide original brand products to their customers. So, how about we provide you with a list of the best websites for international shopping in BD? 

We understand your fear of purchasing goods from online stores. Some online businesses take excessive pricing for selling their goods. Then again, some stores don’t have good product quality. So, we have researched some international shopping websites for you. There you can buy all your needed products and get those shipped directly to your home. 

Although, not all websites allow direct shipping to Bangladesh. However, you can get that via another shipment policy that they conduct. So, no worries about the extra shipping cost either!

Best Websites For International Shopping In BD

Here we have listed the best five international shopping websites for you. You can simply click on the links and navigate to their shopping world!

1) Aliexpress

Alibaba and Aliexpress are the two most successful international eCommerce sites. Aliexpress is apparently a venture of the Alibaba group. However, you can make purchases from both these different platforms. 

Aliexpress features a different range of products for their customers. Hence, you will get anything like electronic devices, jewelry, dress, home decoration stuff, etc. You can choose any of your desired products and directly ship them to Bangladesh. 

Simply choose Ship to Bangladesh in the upper right corner of the site’s top bar while buying. Then just purchase things and have them delivered to your house!

2) Alibaba

Alibaba is an eCommerce shopping site of the Alibaba group. Just like Aliexpress, here you will see a variety of goods collections. Even if you want to purchase a good mobile phone, you can order it here. You can also buy home decorating stuff, cosmetics, dresses, etc. 

No matter where you live in Bangladesh, Alibaba will leave your product to you. They are a global marketplace for goods. So, even though they take about one month to deliver your products. You will get authentic products from them. So, there will be no hassle of searching Bangladeshi ventures who claims to provide original products to their customers. 

3) eBay

eBay is an online retail company located in the United States that serves as a beautiful hub for worldwide consumers and sellers. eBay offers shippers that send their items worldwide and is affiliated with more than 25 nations.

When you access the site from Bangladesh, it is critical to determine if the vendor ships the product internationally or only to Bangladesh.

You may have your product delivered directly to your house in this way. eBay offers two types of selling: fixed and auction. You shop the same way you would on any other website in a fixed selling scheme. In auction selling, you must bid to obtain the product.

4) Amazon

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard about it? Probably the world’s largest international online shop and the most reliable source of high-quality goods. Amazon is a large corporation with various businesses, with the online shop being one of the most successful. The items on Amazon cover a broad spectrum of needs, from everyday necessities to luxuries – anything you can think of.

Although, you might face technical problems while ordering from Bangladesh. That’s because they don’t have any direct shipping system to Bangladesh. However, you can still contact the third party to get the products to your home. Several shipping companies are available in Bangladesh that takes your amazon orders to ship them to you. You only need to look for them online. 

You can try ordering on They’ll take your Amazon order and make sure you get the product within one month. 

The work is straightforward. Simply go to the product’s request tab and copy and paste the product’s Amazon link, along with a few product specifics, to request delivery. Now sit back and wait for your Amazon item to arrive at your doorstep.

5) Daraz Global

Daraz Global, South Asia’s top online shopping site, delivers items directly sent from China through its international shipping department. Because Alibaba Group purchased Daraz in 2018, it is now simpler to obtain foreign items from other countries.

Daraz Global provides all of the top highlighted trend items worldwide. Whether it’s lifestyle items, stylish attire, or technology accessories, Daraz Global has them all on one website. Daraz Global sells items and offers exceptional discounts on their global selections. You may now get the best cross-border things at the most affordable prices. Before making a purchase, check out Daraz’s official blog to learn more about the advantages of overseas merchandise.

Closing Thoughts

International shopping has always captivated our people in Bangladesh. Because of the quality of the items and overseas merchants who have a tighter grip on product quality, purchasing a higher-value item is more worthwhile.

International purchasing is now possible for Bangladeshi internet customers, thanks to removing the shipping restriction to Bangladesh. Try your hand at shopping on these sites for a better and more unique shopping experience now!

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