Home Service Providers BD: Popular Websites

Home Service Providers BD: Popular Websites

Home service providing is a shining image in the business development scene of Bangladesh. Best home service providers BD come up with a dynamic and fast-growing countrywide home service solution. It is also the highest modern advantage of dealer-receiver connection now. Top Home Services in Bangladesh are available through websites and mobile applications. Having the services on time sitting at home is as enjoyable as it is reliable.

Everyone gets all kinds of services at home in an easy way. You need to download their app on your smartphone. Select the service you want to avail of, and you will get it within the shortest possible time.

Top Home Service Providers in Bangladesh

Almost all services make trustworthy collaboration with customers in the diverse home service marketplace in our country. Home service providers allow you to get benefits like clothes, food, books, vegetables, household items, medical care services, maintenance services, etc. Let’s take a look at the significant and top home service providers of Bangladesh.

1) Chaldal

Chaldal is Bangladesh’s first online grocery marketplace. Everything from fresh fruits to home appliances is available here. It has become popular as a result of the one-hour delivery service. It is effortless to order and buy daily necessities through mobile at home through Chaldal.com. One can use a credit card, bKash, or cash on delivery as a payment system. They keep customers up to date with attractive offers and discounts. The slogan “Save Time, Save Money” has indeed made it a market in the palm of your hand.

They have very active and efficient customer care service to make perfect collaboration with customers. They instantly try to solve all problems and queries of customers. This service makes them so popular among the buyers.

2) Aarong

If you want to get traditional essence and handmade crafted products, Aarong is here. It is the country’s leading fashion and lifestyle brand. People from other countries can also order gift products for loved ones located in Bangladesh. After getting huge success to operate their business offline, they recently have launched their online activities.

On their app, you can get all products from their physical outlets. You can filter products by color, size, and price range on their app. Aarong has made arrangements for customers to pay through cash on delivery, bKash, Visa card, and MasterCard. They deliver the chosen products to the doorsteps of the consumers in any part of the country.

3) Hello Laundry

Why only products? If there is a product, maintenance of the product is also essential. For that, Bangladesh also has the largest dry and laundry, Hello Laundry. They use WHO-approved chemicals to 100% disinfect your valuable clothing. Apart from these, outdoor services like floor cleaning, maintenance, carpet cleaning, sofa, house window cleaning, etc., are provided from Hello Laundry. Starting with just two outlets, they are now serving from several outlets in Dhaka. For the quality of dry cleaning and laundry service, it is everyone’s favorite.

4) Nursing Home Care BD

There was a time when people had to call a doctor and bring him home. In today’s era, this has been revealed again with groundbreaking advantages. This ethical nursing service site is one of the patient care services, including medical equipment services, home nutritional therapy, oxygen rent/sell, baby home care, family nursing, even personal home service. It is a blessing for people of all walks of life to access such services by skilled professionals. To get nursing home care quality service, dial the numbers to call.

5) Shajgoj

Sajgoj.com is now the world’s most considerable beauty and self-care website in the Bengali language. Shajgoj has become a source of beauty articles, advice, and information. Shajgoj has a unique role to play in completely changing the negative attitude towards self-care through necessary counseling.  Shajgoj has put three options for payment. An easy way to select and receive products for home service is to provide pictures. It offers a variety to enhance the joy of different festivals. There is no end of care home service provider of Shajgoj to keep yourself beautiful, healthy, and pleasant.

6) Digital Manush

The largest home service provider Digital Manush, the name of a dream platform, is created to evaluate the labor of working people. When it’s about packing and shifting to a new house, they serve vans to carry furniture, including other comforts. Digital Manush has made it possible to find the right person at the right time, like electricians, people for gas servicing, or internet connectivity services. Also, AC servicing, gardening, tailoring service, and tutor service are available here. Home maintenance services can also be enjoyed directly from the service center.  This is very helpful for both the receiver and the dealer. Such a home service provider simplifies troublesome tasks. In Digital Manush, one can get access to anything anywhere.

7) Foodpanda

Ordering Bangladeshi online means the presence of the name Foodpanda and people feel comfortable ordering through it when needed. This is the only international food provider service. Foodpanda operates the food delivery service in 10 countries around the world. Food and daily necessities are delivered to the customers’ homes from various restaurants and shops in Bangladesh. You can always enjoy their crazy voucher discounts. Foodpanda’s exciting offers, fast delivery, and playful pink can make you fall in love at any time.


Bangladesh is satisfied with the above-mentioned Top Home services in Bangladesh. They are verified and trustworthy service providers. You, too, may check. Just keep an eye on the article, get ideas, and choose the most convenient services you’d like to have.