How To Create A Payoneer Account In Bangladesh

Bangladesh has also stepped into an exciting new era of online monetary transactions with the latest digital advancements. We are now one of many countries that utilize Payoneer as our preferred digital getaway. However, many people might still not know how to create a Payoneer account in Bangladesh. 

Payoneer is a global payments company that offers business and personal payment solutions. They provide solutions for various companies, including freelancers, consultants, and international employees. Payoneer provides you with the ability to spend your earnings from anywhere in the world and get paid in your local currency by using their award-winning platform. 

In Bangladesh, Payoneer was launched as the first-ever digital payment gateway service. And to everyone’s surprise, the freelancer community of our country has loved it the most. They love how easy it is to create a verified account and operate secure transactions. 

Create a Payoneer Account: A Quick Guideline

Many Bangladeshi people find it difficult to open a Payoneer account. That’s because they are not aware of the steps to take. This blog will help you through the process step by step. You’ll get an honourary reward just for signing up with Payoneer!

It’s super easy, and there are no pesky surveys. All you have to do is provide your name, email address (or phone number), country of residence and credit card information. Hence, you can have your Payoneer account set up and ready for use! 

1) Navigate to the Payoneer homepage from your internet browser.

2) There, you will see a “Call to Action” button that gives you the option to “Sign Up.” Simply click on that button, and it will navigate you to a profile form interface.

3) On the profile selection form, you will have to select the purpose of creating the Payoneer account. Suppose, if you are a freelancer or drop shipper, you have to choose the option given on the category list. 

4) After you’ve completed verifying your registration purpose, it’s time to move on to the primary step. You will see another button for registration. So, click on that for further processing. You can also complete the whole registration process in the Bengali language. That way, it will be easier for you to understand the information you have to provide.

5) Now, you will have to provide everything legally on the registration interface. Otherwise, you might get banned from using any Payoneer account. Just read the instructions and fill the form according to your legal documents. 

6) Make sure to use clear pictures of your NID or Passport to verify your account ownership. Once done, you will get a confirmation mail from Payoneer stating that your account is good to use.

How to Activate Payoneer Card

You can activate your card in seconds. Simply open a Payoneer account, enter some information about yourself such as a password (which are usually on file), select “Prepaid Card – XXXX” from the dropdown menu when prompted – then click “ACTIVATE.”

Now you can use your new Payoneer card. Simply enter the 16 digit number from where it was sent and choose a four-digit pin to unlock access, then click “Activate.” Once activated, there will be an email confirmation that says, “Your request has been successful” – after which all transactions should go through just as before!

The Payoneer card is the perfect freelancing tool. Not only can you use it for payment or receipt of money due, but it’s also great if all your savings are in an account and not on hand! 

Some Features of Payoneer 

Payoneer offers many features to its users. It is an incredible company that lets you buy almost anything online or withdraw cash from any ATM. You can even get $50 if someone pays with them for something!

The best part about this account? It doesn’t matter where your workers come from in the world because they all have access to pay through their accounts. Here is what you need to know to make the best out of this excellent online platform.

• Instant Payments

• Online Billing & Payment Services

• Free Credit Alerts

• Free SMS Notifications

• Free Global Shipping

• Fraud Protection

• Easy Setup

• Multiple Languages Available

• 24/7 Customer Support

• Safe Transactions

• Verified Accounts

• Secure Wallet

• Multi-Currency Options

Wrap Up

The Payoneer is a great way to manage all of your transactions, whether you’re paying for groceries or getting paid online. It’s also an easy and convenient way to pay any retailer that accepts credit cards without needing a physical card with you at the time of purchase. It’s super simple to get started as long as you have access to email and the internet! And for the Payoneer card, it’s an all-in-one card that you can use in both online and offline transactions. So hurry up, open your Payoneer account today!