How To Shop Online In Bangladesh Guideline

How To Shop Online In Bangladesh Guideline

Having the aid of the speedy internet, online shopping has become easier than ever. It is now an inseparable part of our life that makes many people yearn for learning how to shop online in Bangladesh. Most of them now prefer these online shops to physical shops due to the cozy dependency on the internet for everything.

Moreover, it saves our time and traffic hassles on the road. It allows us to get the premium brand products within a single click just sitting in our bedroom. But of course, there are many online shop sites to choose from for the best online shopping experience.

You will have an available number of high-class business-standard online shop sites with a wide range of affordable branded products of your choice. So, now you just have to know the basic procedure of online shopping Bangladesh.

How to Shop Online in Bangladesh

Shopping can be difficult and time-consuming. If you’re looking for an easier way to shop without having to leave your home, we’ve got just the guide for you! This will not only save your time but also ensure a great shopping conveniece. Here’s all about online shopping in Bangladesh: how it works, where to buy things from, and some safety tips.

  • Download the app/ browse the website
  • Sign in
  • Select Product
  • Add to cart
  • Online Payment Systems
  • Put Delivery Details
  • Place Order

Download the app/ browse the website

Almost all online shopping sites have their website or app. To experience online shopping, you can navigate to their website or look if any apps are available. Then you will only need to download their app and follow their given instructions.

Sign in

After downloading the app or after browsing, you need to create an account by signing up. There are several ways to sign up on an app or website. You can either use your Gmail or social media account or phone number. 

Select Product

After you sign in to your desired online shopping site, navigate to the search bar. There you can search for any product’s name and find you desired one. To be precise, you will see recommended products picture in a varied category. So, make sure to click on the images to know more about the details and pricing of the product listed on the site. 

Add to cart

Once you finalize one product for buying, it’s time to add it to the cart. Different sites have different positions for the cart option. So, make sure to notice it and click on the opportunity. The cart act to help in buying several products at once. It’s just like you go shopping in the supermarket holding a trolley during your products selection.  

Online Payment Systems

The payment system is one of the best online shopping advantages. Every online shopping sites allow three kinds of the payment system. The first is cash on delivery, the second is through mobile banking transactions, and the third is bank payment. So, if you want to gift someone a product you just bought, you can simply complete the payment through online transactions. 

Put Delivery Details

The most crucial part of online shopping delivery is that it needs you to include the correct delivery address. If you don’t do so, your product can get misplaced and lost. So while signing up for your account, make sure to edit your profile and include the correct address. Otherwise, you can edit your delivery address at the time of order placement as well. 

Place Order

Here you come at the final stage. After completing all steps, click to place the order bar to confirm your purchase.

Popular Websites for Online Shopping

Online shopping is the best way to get quality products for a great price. Here are some of our favorite sites from which you can buy anything including online saree shopping sites! We think you will enjoy them for a completely hassle-free shopping experience! 

  • Daraz online shopping
  • Priyo Shop
  • ShopperBD
  • Shajgoj 
  • Ajker Deal

Online Shopping Safety Guide

Generally, we prefer to shop online because we get our favorite brands’ products in one place. They offer verities categories of fashion items, gift items, essential grocery items, etc., at reasonable pricing.

So, to get the best consumer behavior online shopping, do a quick survey about the quality, materials, competitive price, average delivery time, and return policy of different sites.

Thus, you can afford the best quality product within your budget. After receiving the product, make sure to check the product quality before the delivery man. 

Challenges to Online Shopping

Several obstacles have resisted the fast growth of this industry. They are,

Lack of Policy

There aren’t still any complete business policies or legal norms to operate online businesses or e-commerce platforms. It causes unwanted hassles between sellers and customers.


There is a lack of authenticity or trust in online shopping as the buyer can’t get a visible look. In many cases, the buyers don’t get the product they ordered.

Return Policy

Most of the pages don’t have a return policy due to problematic products. For those who have, most of the time, it causes too many hassles to return it.

The difference between looks and appearance

In the case of online shopping, the buyers order the product through a photograph. Many times, the color and material don’t match with the authentic product. It creates a disappointment.


Despite having all these barriers, online business has a great future in the economy of Bangladesh. The government should take proper steps to solve the risen problems, for the more significant development of the sectors. Most of the sites have their dedicated customer care team. You can place your comment, feedback, or any complaint about the service.

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