How To Use Bkash App: A General Guideline

How To Use Bkash App: A General Guideline

Brac Bank has created a revolution in mobile transactions by introducing bKash. It is the most used digital money transaction option in Bangladesh. Almost every single person knows how to use bKash app. This mobile banking service offers great convenience and a safe transaction mode. Therefore, this app has become the most popular financial service app in the country.

bKash is the best mobile banking apps available on Android and iOS devices; It has over 25 million active customers worldwide! Being the most popular money transfer app, everybody knows how to use the bKash App.

You can download this great tool from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Just search “Bkash” when you have an internet connection ready. 

How to Use bKash App: Registration Process

You can use bKash by registering a valid account first. For that, you need to meet an agent or download the bKash app on your mobile phone. With your phone number, you can register your bKash account. It is free and simple.

After completing the registration, you need to put your bKash password and press the button to confirm it. Do remember your bKash Password is confidential and the key to your account. You can never share it with anyone.

Once you enter your password, the bKash authority will send an OTP code to your phone. Use the code into the app blank field and press the button for the next stage.

Language Setting:

You should select your preferred language to use the app. Although Bangla is the default language of the app, you can convert it to English as well.

General Information:

At the next level, take pictures of your NID or Passport to verify your identity. Then, choose any photo of yourself from the gallery or take a picture directly for your profile picture. You can control the visibility of profile pictures to the other bKash users.  After You press the “I agree” button, the app asks for your password. Put in the password, and you are ready to use your bKash app for money transactions.

Just remember, every time you go for any transaction through your bKash account, you need the password. It ensures to use of your bKash app safely.  

For bKash app users, there are verities of facilities in apps. On the right side of the app screen, you see a bKash logo.

Tap on the logo; the bKash menu will appear, there you can get your statement history, your bKash limit information, bKash Offers, Coupons, Location Map, Account Setting, and information about bKash. For logging out from your account, press the log out button.

How to Use bKash App for Transactions

After creating your bKash account, you first need to know how to use the bKash app for transactions. It is the primary feature of using the app. You can send money, make payments, Cash out, Add Money or Pay bills through your bKash account.

Send Money

To send money, tap the send money button and select the desired number from your contact list. After putting the number, write down the amount you want to send. Press the arrow and put your bKash password. At the next level, press the pink part to send the money for a while. Your money is sent.

Make Payment

To Make Payment, follow the same procedure. Just select the Marchant number or use a QR code to make the payment.

Cash Out

For Cash out, you need the agent number or QR code to use. After putting the number, insert the amount you want to be cashed. Use the password and press the pink part to get the money. 

Add Money

You can Add Money from your bank account or your bank card. At first, select the options. They put the necessary information like bank name, bank account number. Select it VISA/Master, the card number, expiry date, and other information in terms of the card. Then insert the amount, and you will get a opt on your phone. Use the OPT to add money to your bKash account.

Pay Bill

Through a bKash account, you can pay all your utility bills. You don’t need to go to the bank and stand up in lines to pay the bills anymore. You need to go to the pay bill option and select bill options. Put the meter no. and your name and tap to pay the bill. What can be easier than that?

Recharge Your Phone Through bKash

Recharge your talk time through Bkash is the most convenient recharge option. Tap the mobile recharge option and select the mobile operator’s name. To recharge your own phone, write down your number. To transfer the balance, select any number you’re on your contact list. Then insert the amount, use the bKash password, and tap to recharge. It’s easy and simple.

Purchase Bundle Pack Using bKash

In your bKash account, you will notify about the best bundle offers of your phone operator from time to time. You can choose the bundle and buy it using your bKash app. To buy a bundle pack, go to the phone recharge option. Select the mobile operator, choose the convenient bundle for you, then tap to recharge.


It can’t be denied that there is no alternative to bKash. Although some other digital mobile banking app like Rocket, Nagad, IPay has been introduced recently. But still, bKash is the first choice for the people of Bangladesh. Because the bKash app is completely safe to use. If you lost your phone in any case, there is no possibility to lose your account. Without having your password, nobody can use your account. That’s why from lower class to high, everyone prefers bKash for a cashless transaction mode.

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