How To Use Nagad App: Quick Guide Walkthrough

How To Use Nagad App: Quick Guide Walkthrough

Nagad is one of the up-to-date and safe digital financial services in Bangladesh. It is an initiative of the Bangladesh Post division. One can easily make cashless transactions like mobile recharge, Cash in, send money, and government bills payment through Nagad. All you need to know is how to use Nagad App to take advantage of these innovative services.

How to Use Nagad App: A Quick Guide

One can sign up to Nagad himself or go to his near Nagad agent. To use the software, you’ll need an Android or iOS device with an internet connection. Nagad app will make it easy to operate any Digital Finance Services. Here are some instructions for the beginner to know how to use the Nagad app to complete any financial transaction instantly. 

Download Nagad 

To begin, go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download Nagad App. After the download process is complete, open the app and start the registration process. Although, you can also go to a local Nagad agent to complete the registration process. It will make things easier in case you face difficulty registering by yourself. 

Sign up

To sign up in the Nagad app, use your phone number and input a four-pin passcode. Then the Nagad authority will send you an OTP. Please write down the OTP and submit it. Then your app will be ready to use.

Other Information

For security purposes, you need to upload a photo of both sides of your NID Card. Then take a selfie as your profile picture. You can control the access to whether other Nagad app users can see your photo or not. Now you are fully ready to enjoy digital financial service Bangladesh on a digital money firm like Nagad.

How to Make Transactions

In Nagad App, you’ll find almost every kind of digital transaction service to make your life smooth. There are several menus on Nagad App like Cash In, Cash Out, Add Money, Send Money, Mobile recharge, and even personal finance tracking. Here you can get all details about these services.

Cash In

For Nagad Cash in money, you need to go to a nearby agent point. Just tell the agent about the amount you want to cash in. The representative will record your phone number and the amount. You must pay the fee to the agent. Then they will transfer the money to your account.

Cash Out

Through your Nagad account, you can cash out your money at a minimum rate. To withdraw money from your app, visit a Nagad agent in your area. You can select Cash out from the agent option in your Nagad App as well.

After that, you either use the QR code or type the agent’s phone number. Write down the amount you want to cash out from the account.  Insert your four-digit PIN. Ensure the Transaction. You will receive the funds from the agency.

Add Money

You Can add money in two ways in your Nagad account. You can make a fund transfer through your Bank account or your Card.

To Add money from your Card, go to the add money option from your app screen. Press Card to Nagad and Select VISA/Master Card options. Insert your desired Nagad account number. Then write down the amount. Write down the expiry date of your Card and the CVN Number (the three-digit number you find on the backside of your Card). You can save the information for future use.

The Nagad operator will send an OTP to your phone. After the confirmation, the money will be added to your Nagad account.

You can add money from some selective number of bank accounts to your Nagad Account. The transaction limit is from 50 to 30000 taka per day. Every month you can add 200000 takas within 25 transactions.

To add money, Select the bank name. Open their app on your mobile. Select add a beneficiary or manage beneficiary option. Follow the instructions correctly to add money from your bank account.

Send Money

To send money from the Nagad app, go to the send money option. Select your desire number. Insert the amount you want to send. Write down the purpose of sending money. Press the bar to confirm the transaction.

How to Recharge Phone Talk Time

All Mobile Network Operators allow you to recharge the phone talk time through Nagad. Just go to the Mobile recharge option. Select your preferable mobile operator and insert the number. Put down the recharge amount. Then, insert your pin to confirm the recharge.


Nagad is the best financial service app in Bangladesh regarding availing user profit allowance to its user. If you want, you can generate profit from your Nagad savings account. Besides, it is safe to use as no one can use it without having the PIN. In this article, we have tried elaborating on the easiest way to use the Nagad app.

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