Best Online Laundry Service In Dhaka

Best Online Laundry Service In Dhaka

Online laundry services have been introduced recently in our country. But it is quite a common concept around the world. Some start-up online laundry service in Dhaka work hard to make this service popular among users. It has become a booming sector in the field of business.

Most people prefer Laundry for washing and pressing their exclusive attires. Now getting laundry service online saves their time from roaming around searching for trustworthy Laundry or dry cleaning services.

There are three easy steps to get in touch with an online laundry service provider. You only need to install the app, order your preferred ironing service, and get your clothes at the laundry pickup point.

Although, some services come to pick up your clothes and give them back to you. Then you pay the bill. If you want to give it a try, here is the list of the five best online laundry services just for you.   

Benefits of Online Laundry Service in Dhaka

Nowadays people are highly appreciating these online laundry services due to being one of the best home service providers in BD. There are a bunch of benefits of online laundry services. You can save your time, the hassle of washing clothes, even the hurdles of maintaining the exclusive material. You can also trust them with the ranking quality. You will get all your Laundry done with just a single click.

Despite having these benefits, you must take care of some little things while taking online cleaning services. Must count your clothes while you are giving them to the delivery man, and do the same while taking them back. Maintain the schedule properly.

1) is the complete solution of every home service facility. From cleaning your house to picking up your Laundry, is always at your service. They named the best clothes washing service “Pick up my laundry” service.

You can get a good idea of their offerings by using the app. They provide four types of online washing services. They are Gentlemen Apparel Laundry, Ladies Apparel Laundry, Household Items Laundry, and Kids Apparel Laundry services. You can select the cloth type, wash type, and of course, the pressed one.

About the price, you can get an idea in advance, which can be altered. Their primary selling point is free pickup and delivery. You can check the availability of service around you by entering clothes and service type.  

2) Hello Laundry

Hello Laundry serves you with best cloth cleaning online at Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Bashundhara, Khilkhet, Joydebpur, Adabor, Mohammadpur, and Uttara in Dhaka. You can have water and dry wash facility with steam iron service of Gentlemen Apparel Laundry, Ladies Apparel Laundry, and household fabrics.

Having a free pick and drop service is one of the most popular choices among online laundry service users. They are very particular about their delivery date. They give you the service list to choose the best service you need. Even you can avail here the monthly plan.  

Hello Laundry provides an emergency delivery service called “Rocket” that will deliver your clothes within 24 hours at a low cost.

3) Wash Hobe

Wash Hobe serves you with the possible best online laundry service. All gents’ and ladies clothes, household fabrics, winter clothes, hotel, and corporate items are ready to wash and clean here.

Their web service options are so user-friendly. You can place an order by calling their Hotline or through the website. They pick and drop your clothes free of charge. Recently, some services may be unavailable in Wash Hobe. However, you can call their Hotline for details.

4) Smart Launder

Smart Laundry is the best online laundry service. They have partnered with Calcutta Dry Cleaners, Best Clean LTD, and Top Clean for your clothing care needs! This is a trustworthy platform to use when it comes time for cleaning any items of clothing you may need.

The company knows that there are people who need clothes washed and dry cleaned quickly. They have an online service for this. So it doesn’t matter where you live or if your home has any washing machines. They will take care of any dirty laundry without issues! You can also have them pick up from anywhere in just 1-2 days. The prices depend entirely upon what size load needs doing.


Laundry is necessary but not always an enjoyable chore. No matter how much you love your laundry service provider, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the demand for clean clothes. If you have found yourself routinely running late because of long lines at the local laundromat—or even worse, skipping out on doing your Laundry altogether!—then take advantage of these online laundry services today. It takes only minutes to schedule dry cleaning pickup times that are convenient for you. You can also request same-day delivery if time is tight!

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